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About Us - Marble Polishing Service in Hyderabad

We are a well-known marble polishing business that serves the entire Hyderabad with an experienced and dedicated workforce. Our goal is to provide excellence as our main policy. Making the best polishing service choice for your business isn’t easy. However, Classic Maintenance Services can create an individual site plan that meets all your needs for polishing floors and concerns, and is also without breaking your financial budget. We offer specialized solutions that provide business benefits and advantages in terms of cost efficiency and operational efficiency Our group of facilities that are integrated utilizes the most efficient and innovative combination of systems, people and technology.

With a solid foundation and years of expertise, our experts have a commitment to working together to finish the highest quality work they can. We can repair, maintain and restore your countertops, floors, and other products that are based on eco-friendly practices. If you’d like a quote to restore your marble flooring, countertops, or another surface to the pre-damaged state call us now.

Our vision

In order to best provide all the thousands of Indians who make up the majority of the states we serve, we need to become as effective and economical as we are able to be. Before we can begin to serve our loyal clients, we make sure our employees have received comprehensive training from all of our professionals.

Our mission

With the use of highly-specialized equipment, environmentally friendly cleaners, and a team of professionals with the necessary training and experience We aim to provide the top marble polishing pads throughout the entire country.

Professional Marble Polishing to Restore Your Surfaces

What is the best way to work?

The stone is polished by several steps. To make polishing more effective you must take these steps:

  • Floor Scrubbing The process of scrubbing can be described as a typical method of cleaning stones, including granite, marble, mosaic tiles, sandstone and wooden flooring. While just the surface of the flooring gets scrubbed during the process it has no impact on how shiny the floor will be.
  • Floor polishing: To get rid of dirt and grime, hardwood and marble floors are scrubbed in this procedure. Organic stains, for instance those caused by tea, coffee and acid, as well as water and minor scratches, are eliminated by this process of polishing.
  • Floor Buffing: Cleaning the floors and enhancing the shine of the floor with its shimmering, we make sure to not damage the stone’s natural surface shine by using special buffing pads. Because the grain and polished wood are maintained in check, it can have immediate effect on a wood flooring.
  • A thorough floor polishing process:The floor is extremely hard to polish. Marble is extremely challenging to clean to achieve a shiny shine due to its roughness. Even the most severe scratches to your flooring can be easily and inexpensively repaired through the use of modern special marble cleaning tools. Before use, these devices warm the polishing powder.
  • Floors that are polished and ground: To remove an extremely thin layer of stone floor, only a single disc machine as well as several pads and grits is used to grind the floor. The marble polishing process is utilized to remove hard-to-remove staining and scratches from the floor, as well as to make it appear more radiant and shiny.